Nanopower AS

Sveene 28
N-3731 Skien
Tel: 401 20 800

Nanopower is a Norwegian hardware company, specializing in wireless IoT power-management and Mesh technology

Ulta low-power
For battery operated systems Nanopower modules save power in idle mode, extending the battery life considerably.
See for more information.

We have developed a wireless module for automated reading of utility meters, sensors ect, with use of Wirepas mesh software.
The same system can be used to control devices such as valves, switches aso. The solution is long range and low power.

For the grid operators Nanopower have made a detection system to control activity on the power lines.
Among the functions are ability to detect the location of power outage, which way the current is running (this is often not known) and irregular behavior. For example through icing or high winds. The back end has AI, and the system will quickly become able to predict potential hazards in the grid, and makes the operator able to take action. As we move towards more sources of renewables, the control of the grid will become increasingly difficult, and we belive our system will be a tremendous help in that regard. We are doing a small scale pilot here in Norway, and are ready to commercialize in the beginning of 2019.



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